What is scratch?

MTV Scratch taps the power of MTV to connect with millennials in new ways. Partnering with select brands to pioneer new business models, we deliver award-winning, multi-platform programming and creative, consumer insights, brand strategy, product development and design. We also bake cakes for people we really like.

Are you an agency?

Nope. We're a new kind of creative team inside MTV. We partner with brands to strengthen them, recreate them, or sometimes launch them altogether. To do that, we do lots of different things, with lots of different clients and partners. Sometimes they involve making content that runs on-air, like a show or a commercial spot. Other times, it's a digital experience. But it's not always about media; we work with brands on strategy and positioning, create built-environment experiences, name products, design services and a bunch of other stuff. Let's put it this way: we're using the power of MTV – its place in culture, the creative talent in its ecosystem, its reach and connection with young people – to create new kinds of partnerships and business models. We don't fit neatly in a package, and we like it that way.

So you do product placement?

Not exactly. Product placement, or integrating products in and around MTV shows and properties, is a tool we know can be highly effective for some marketing challenges. It's a capability we tap regularly. When it's appropriate, we partner with MTV's award-winning Integrated Marketing team to craft the right integrations. It's one of many things we might think about for a given project.

So, like, you do branded entertainment?

WTF is branded entertainment?  We looked it up on Wikipedia and couldn't figure it out.

Do you guys make stuff only for MTV?

Our work runs wherever it will be most effective, whether that's on-air, online, on a shelf, in print, on a billboard, at an event, or otherwise. We often make use of properties across the MTV Networks and Viacom portfolio, but we do not hesitate to go beyond those properties, too. Basically, we're wide open to make our projects the most successful we can, whatever and wherever that means.

Where is your reel?

We have mixed feeling about reels. We like talking in real life and showing our work there more.

What kinds of brands do you work with?


Who's on your team?

We've got quite a mix!  Poets, film junkies, singer/songwriters, typography heads, tech geeks, writers, developers, business nerds, cartoonists, painters, surfers, consumer marketing obsessives…we think it's important that we come at things with a diverse set of approaches.

Do you want to hang out?

Yeah, that would be cool.

Can I come work with you guys?

Let's make friends first, yeah? We'd love to meet you. Hit us here.